Perceptual engineering is a film production company based in Auckland New Zealand. The company has built its reputation by creating awesome video elements intended for both commercial and domestic consumption. In fact, if there is a film product company that has since put Auckland on the map, Perceptual Engineering has to be part of the list. You simply cannot underrate the kind of exceptional work that is being done by the experts here.

The works that have been done by Perceptual Engineering experts can be categorized into Film, commercial and experiential pieces. With the use of a linear slide on their main website, it is possible for you to actually figure out the kind of works they have done. From that, you can still see the categories of jobs done by the company, those given priority and the classiest of them all. Therefore, if you want to enjoy what Perceptual Engineering company has to offer, their main website is the right place to go to.

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Commercial Films

This category features film creations that are intended for the commercial sector. They are meant for commercial purposes and therefore they are made with a high degree of intricacy. Other than that, this seems to be the main category of films that have been produced by this company since inception. With lots of ideas running around, the experts here have never fallen short of ideas when it comes to film production. Some of the latest products include

Prius world in harmony

Open Universities Australia

Hallenstein Brothers




Perceptual engineering has also done a commendable job with regards to film and film production. However, this category is not as diverse as the case is for the commercial one. Commercial elements are much easier to dissect. The ideas are also simple to come across and therefore most of the concentration seems to be focused towards commercialization of the entire thing. Some works that have been done in this category include

The Pa Boys

Two Little Boys


The Strength of Water


This is perhaps the most interesting of them all. Experiential, just as the name implies refers to film creations that are borne out of life experiences. We all have our own experiences. Challenges in life are eminent. There are instances when you experience your ups and downs. The main aim of this category is to showcase the best that Perceptual Engineering experts have to offer in as far as experiential film production is concerned. You can be assured that some real good works have been done in this particular category. In fact, these are some of the main elements which have boosted the reach of the company all over the globe. Therefore, the company is no longer pinned to Auckland, New Zealand but rather has its presence felt all across the globe. Some of the current works in this category are

Standing in silence

An interactive earth

From the summit

Matariki blocks

The time machine

Atomic fabricator

Frankfurt book fair

Mapping research project

One thing that you need to appreciate is that Perceptual Engineering is one of the best film production companies in New Zealand today. It has since spread its wings and covers various parts of the world.